MMA Hybrid sparring grappling gloves Galvarino series - Gold colour

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Hybrid design

Our unique Hybrid design makes this an all-rounder glove. One of the most versatile gloves in the market. Now you can seamlessly transition between sparring, grappling and any type of bag work without changing your gloves.


Gel integrated padding

Vec-Tech design featuring Gel integrated foam provides optimum shock absorption and comfort.  Scientifically engineered to help protect the many small joints, bones, muscles and tendons in your hands from the impact of hard punches.


Maya Hide Leather

These hand crafted gloves are made of high quality Maya Hide Leather which delivers greater durability and performance.


Arch Design

Our Ergonomic Arch Design conforms to the natural shape of your fist. It promotes proper punching technique and prevents injuries.


Light weight

The Galvarino provides you with better protection than a MMA glove without being as bulky as a traditional boxing glove. Anatomical thumb padding provides increased protection without decreasing mobility.


No sweaty palms

Open handed design on the palm area helps to keep your hands dry and reduces odour.



Rapid-Ez Velcro closure provides secure fit and wrist support. It enables to get the gloves on and off in seconds.